Welcome to the future …

The Ripper Group is a leading provider of strategy, training and deployment services for drones and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). We are category leaders in Drone Marine Rescue solutions and Disaster Recovery applications. In addition, we have recognised leaders in data and deployment business intelligence services and AI-enabled, drone-deployed solutions, recently winning the iAwards Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Innovation of the Year, and AAUS Industry Champion Innovation Winner 2020.

Integrating a Ripper Group RPAS/drone strategy into your organisation can enhance growth outcomes and reduce risk through speed of deployment, reach and scale of coverage, high-resolution recording and big-data capture capability.

Our range of packages for private and public sector organisations encompasses strategy, stakeholder engagement, project pilot programs, training, and operational and management services. These are supported by our companion marketing and community event systems to ensure your local and/or national teams and customers are well informed and engaged.

Not sure how to get up to speed with this new opportunity?  The answer is to get in early to integrate a Ripper Group RPAS/drone strategy into your suite of business, disaster and asset intelligence gathering.