University of New South Wales – MBA students study Ripper Group

53 MBA students from UNSW took to the beaches and to the sky as part of their studies with The Ripper Group.

The Fred Hilmer Cup is designed to encourage the full-time MBA Class of 2020 to integrate and practice the learnings from their Foundations of Management course, in particular problem-solving, teamwork, persuasive communication and presentation skills.

Professor Fred Hilmer is an Australian academic and business figure who was the President and eighth Vice-Chancellor of UNSW (an appointment he held from 2006 to 2015).

The 2019 Fred Hilmer Cup is focused on the Little Ripper drone company. The case will focus on current challenges ahead of the organisation. Business leaders at Little Ripper are excited about having a cohort of bright MBA students thinking about their business challenges and look forward to being involved.

The case commences with a demonstration of the “Little Ripper” drone at Coogee Beach culminating with a final presentation of the Fred Hilmer Cup.

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