THE RIPPER GROUP CO-FOUNDER, Dr Paul Scully-Power, was the first Australian Astronaut

Little Ripper are very proud of our co-founder Dr. Paul Scully-Power, the first Australian in space.

Dr. Paul Scully-Power or PSP, as he is affectionately known, has an extraordinary intellect, a very ‘down to earth’ attitude and very cheeky sense of humour. He was featured in Channel 9’s special ‘Apollo 11 Special’, ABC’s ‘Fly me to the Moon’ 2 part series, BBC Stargazers with Brian Cox, Channel 7 Sunrise and many more interviews on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Paul Scully-Power spent his youth surfing Sydney’s beaches, a passion that would see him become the first head of the Australian Navy’s oceanography division. In the 1970s he successfully applied to be an investigator at NASA and then used the space agency’s infrared satellite data to survey the ocean.
Recognising his unique expertise, NASA tapped him to join the 13th flight of the space shuttle program, mission STS-41G.

After months of flight training, Scully-Power was strapped into a seat in the crew module of the Challenger space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, as a payload specialist. It was Oct. 5, 1984.
Upon launch, Scully-Power, then 40 years old, would set numerous records. He would become the first Australian-born person to leave Earth. He would become the first oceanographer in space. And with a face full of brown-white hair, he’d be the first person in space with a beard.

Dr. Scully-Power has extensive international experience in industry, government, and academia in the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, and is well known for his network of people and institutions around the world. He has broad expertise in defence, national security & intelligence, aviation & aerospace, remote sensing, cybersecurity, and systems analysis & ICT. He has served as Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Chancellor of Bond University, and Chairman of the Queensland Premier’s Science & Technology Council.
Dr Scully-Power worked for over three decades in the United States, holding executive appointments under Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, where he led and managed many high tech, defence and security programs, He held the Distinguished Chair of Underwater Acoustics in the US Navy, and was a Research Associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Chairman of Membership of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, President of the Fort Trumbull Federal Credit Union, and served on the Universities & Colleges Accreditation Board & the Offie of Naval Research.

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