Little Ripper travelled to North Queensland with Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest to shoot this great story for Case For Change for conservation and keeping beaches safe.

Using Telstra’s mobile network, specially adapted Little Ripper drones provide a live video stream from above, giving the life guard operator on the ground a view of what’s going on in the water.

The technology truly is remarkable. Thanks to a unique algorithm, the Little Ripper drones are capable of detecting sharks on their video feeds with 90% accuracy, differentiating the predators from 16 other types of marine life. The AI is even able to learn, so over time it can improve in accuracy with the more images it sees. The tech has also been adapted to detect crocodiles and Little Ripper’s CrocSpotter Ai will be in use in far North Queensland this summer with SLSQ.

Accompany Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest as they visit Australia to witness firsthand both SharkSpotter Ai and CrocSpotter Ai in action and meet some of the amazing people involved in Australia’s first ever surf rescue involving a drone.
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