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Australia’s ‘paddock to plate’ agricultural trade and industries is one of the benchmarks of our economy, the delivery of new-era monitoring applications using RPAS will play a vital and integrated role in the new agri-tech economy.

The Ripper Group, in association with industry leading partners, has the ability to deliver a range of services to assist farmers to manage efficiencies and reduce crop yield risk, using cutting edge UAV technology.

We are currently working with research partners on the integration of hi-tech drone-based sensors, beyond visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) abilities and SWARM technologies (fleet of small drones linked via AI to work in unison).

Our companion community engagement packages provide the opportunity to work closely with farming communities to enhance outcomes for them. A Ripper Group RPAS/Drone Strategy Package can identify the important operational foundations to deliver precision agriculture through intelligent aerial mapping and surveying, weed identification, pest identification, monitoring and control, stock counting and spot spraying.
UAV Technology in the Agri-Tech space is continuing to change the way the world looks at Agriculture and The Ripper Group are continuing to push the boundaries of what this technology can do, enable farmers to become more efficient in farming techniques.


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