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Asset and Infrastructure Inspections

PwC announced that by the beginning of 2018 the commercial market for drone technology applications to the global power and utilities industry alone is worth $10 billion USD per year

The Ripper Group delivers asset and infrastructure management including inspection, maintenance and security monitoring capability, which is fast becoming an essential element of our business service and is set to become the world’s largest market for RPAV systems. We can develop a customised Ripper Group RPAS/Drone Strategy for your business to serve as an adjunct to your asset management.

We can deliver asset and infrastructure inspection services worldwide to businesses such as power (wind, hydro, solar, coal) companies, gas companies, roadways and bridge maintenance groups, traffic controls, oil and gas producers, high rise and property management groups, telecommunications and media groups, railway companies, pipeline operators and construction groups. The secret is to get in early to integrate a Ripper Group RPAS/Drone Strategy into your suite of business intelligence gathering using cutting edge technology and sensors.

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