Dr Paul Scully-Power AM

Dr Paul Scully-Power is an oceanographer, integrator, strategist and Australia’s first astronaut flying aboard Challenger on the 13th mission of the space shuttle. He is an expert in sensors, remote sensing, systems analysis and ICT and is credited with discovering the phenomenon of spiral eddies in the oceans. Paul was recently designated the NSW Government Space Industry Ambassador by the Premier.

He was the inaugural President of the UN International Commission on Space Oceanography and has held the Distinguished Chair of Underwater Acoustics in the US Navy. Paul was a Research Associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Chairman of Membership of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

He has served with the Royal Australian Navy, the UK Royal Navy, the US Navy, NASA, the Pentagon, US Military Intelligence and the White House, and has held executive appointments in high tech, defence and security programs under four Presidents: Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

Paul currently serves on the Defence Department External Review Board and the NSW Smart Sensing Network Board.

Paul leads the Ripper Group’s science and research/development projects, focussing on cutting edge technology and ensuring the Ripper Group equipment is at the forefront of capability and leading the world from UAV technology perspectives.

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