Li Dong

Li Dong is the Secretary-General of the World UAV Federation/Australian Chapter.  His knowledge of Asia markets includes Japan, South Korea and South East Asia, positioning him ideally to move the Ripper Group forward in this dynamic region.

One of China’s foremost experts on business with the West, Li Dong has worked with several former Australian Ambassadors, including ten years as a chief representative in China for Dr Stephen Fitzgerald, Australia’s first Ambassador to China.

He has served as Country Manager for CCH and LexisNexis, the world’s leading professional information provider, and worked for the Weldon group as Senior China Advisor for over 30 years. During this time he has engaged almost every level of China’s commercial, cultural and senior leadership including directly with the Australian Embassy in Beijing. Similarly, he has facilitated and advised senior Australian business, political and cultural leadership on active China engagement.

Li Dong’s current China advisory work spans the financial, private equity, hi-tech, trade and cultural sectors.


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