Do I need special training to become a drone pilot?

We recommend that anyone who flies a drone for whatever purpose receives training.  Whether you intend to fly for fun or operate commercially with a sub-2kg drone, it makes good sense to understand the principles of operating the drone, maintenance, battery charging, privacy and your legal responsibilities.

For commercial operation of a drone over 2kg you must complete a CASA-approved training course and hold a RePL.

Flying the drone is often only the first part of training.  Once you can safely fly the drone, you still need to be able to fly it with the skills required to undertake the job you are doing, whether it be in search and rescue, agriculture, asset inspection or photography. Training to gain a particular skill set will make your flying safer and deliver a better outcome.

We also offer vocational training in the AVI30316 – Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) through our RTO partner, the Australia Institute of Business and Technology (RTO Number 41138). School-based training programs are also available.

The Ripper Aviation Academy can provide you with all your training needs.

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